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Guitar Program

At MVC we are here to help you on your journey towards becoming a professional musician.  In addition to offering one on one lessons with some of the finest guitar players/ teachers in the country, we have all of the courses necessary to earn a transfer degree into the California State Colleges System.

The Music program currently offers 4 different courses related to guitar playing:

MUS-37 - Class Guitar (beginning level instruction for those interested in learning the guitar)

MUS-70 - Intermediate Guitar Ensemble

MUS-P70 - Advanced Guitar Ensemble

MUS-87 - Applied Music (private one on one guitar instruction)

The ADT degree - 20-24 units (in addition to GE requirements)

Music Theory 16-20 units
MUS-3 Fundamentals of Music (test out option includes Musicianship) (also counts in CSU GE C1)  (4 units)

MUS-4 Music Theory I (includes Musicianship) (also counts in CSU GE C1) (4 units)
MUS-5 Music Theory II (includes Musicianship) (4 units)
MUS-6 Music Theory III (includes Musicianship) (4 units)

Applied Music 4 units
MUS-87 Applied Music Training (1 Unit)
MUS-38 Beginning Applied Music Training_(2 Unit)

Ensemble: 1 unit per semester for a total of 4 units from among the following:

Ensembles 4 units

MUS-29 Concert Choir, 1 unit
MUS-31 College Choir, 1 unit

MUS-36 Chamber Music Ensemble, 1.5 units
MUS-70 Guitar Lab Ensemble, 1 unit

MUS-P70 Guitar Lab Ensemble II, 1 unit

MUS-71 College Chorus, 1 unit

MUS-57 Gospel Singers, 1 unit
MUS-58 Gospel Choir, 1 unit
MUS-83 Advanced Chamber Choir, 1 unit

Use the contact page to reach us if you have questions about the degree requirements or would like more information on how to become a music major at MVC.

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